Gas Panel Pneumatic Leak Acoustic Smart Sensor

InControl Engineering's vibration smart sensor technology is now being used with microphones to audibly detect pneumatic air leaks in gas delivery systems. These gas panels are used in a wide variety of process tools making this product applicable to most process areas in the fab.


Why are air controlled valves used?

Leak Proof
Clean (Ultra High Purity) 
Corrosion Resistant
Explosion Proof

How are these valves controlled?

Electrical solenoid valves control the flow of clean compressed air to pneumatically actuate the valves.


What can be detected?

Popped off pneumatic lines
Pneumatic tubing leaks
Solenoid valve leaks
Manifold leaks
Push to connect fitting leaks

Same easy to use interface

View the audible frequency responses, health metrics and alerts from any web browser on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.


Think Economy of Scale

Please keep in mind that these vibration smart sensors can be used to monitor a wide variety of different things on a single process tool to greatly reduce the cost per component monitored.

As an example, the following failures can be detected with a single vibration smart sensor on a Diffusion Vertical Furnace:

Boat rotation unit ferrofluid seal and mechanical failure
Boat rotation table motor
Z-axis elevator vibration
Door o-ring contamination (CVD applications)
Wafer handling robot misalignment
Wafer scratching and breakage
Gas panel pneumatic leaks
Abnormal chamber vibration