NXQ9000 Series - Affordable large area photolithography system from Neutronix Quintel

The NXQ9000 series is the first-of-its-kind 1x proximity stepper in the marketplace for full field or step and repeat exposures. Available in Roll to Roll or large area substrate formats.

  • Step and repeat exposure to control runout effects and CD variations possible with large area 1x Full field aligners.
  • Supports contact and proximity printing modes, selectable by user
  • Handles roll to roll or entire substrates up to 320mm square; larger substrate sizes available

The NXQ9000 is well-suited for high volume roll to roll applications for flexible materials or manual / auto load of large area panels or substrates. With the ability to do either 1x full field exposures up to 320mm square, or step and repeat quadrant alignment and exposures by recipe selection, the user can optimize the print modes for specific process requirements. The system can be configured for larger area rolls, panels, or substrates.

Step and repeat mode for controlling run-out and CD variations possible with 1x large area aligners and 1x full field projection systems, or use full field exposures to increase T-put for larger feature sizes.

The NXQ9000 fills a market void for an affordable large area photolithography system for feature sizes 2um and larger. Many large area photolithography systems are based on expensive projection technology and do not meet the ROI criteria of many emerging markets that require low Cost of Ownership to make the technology financial viable. The NXQ9000 is priced at 50-80% less than 1x full field projection systems and 1x or reduction steppers in the marketplace.

Target Markets include wafer level packaging, interposer, sensors, display, product security / anti-counterfeiting, RFID, solar, Medical and wearable electronics. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your applications and to learning how we may help you by providing a superior cost-effective solution.


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