InControl Engineering

A technology company delivering turn key automation and control solutions

Specializing in equipment health monitoring, real-time embedded control systems and run-to-run process control.   Our products will improve process capability, reduce product scrap and minimize equipment downtime.


Smart Sensors

A True Predictive Maintenance Solution

Our smart sensors monitor your equipment health and quickly alert you when maintenance is required


Heating Elements

Resistance monitoring to prevent wafer scrap and reduce equipment downtime


Vacuum Pumps

Vibration monitoring to prevent wafer scrap and reduce rebuild costs


Turbo Pumps

Vibration monitoring to prevent wafer scrap and process tool damage as well as reduce rebuild costs


Boat Rotation Units

Vibration monitoring of ferrofluid seal, motor and mechanical linkage to prevent particle contamination and wafer scrap 


DC Power Supplies

Voltage monitoring of power supplies to reduce wafer scrap and equipment downtime


Chemical Mechanical Planarization

 Vibration monitoring of polishing heads, tables, conditioning arms, spin rinse dryers and brush boxes to prevent wafer breakage and unscheduled downtime 


Wafer Scratch and Impact

Vibration monitoring to detect misalignment of the automation resulting in wafer scratching or breakage


Wafer Transfer Robots

Vibration monitoring to detect component degradation and calibraton drift of the robot to prevent wafer scrap and equipment downtime


Mass Flow Controllers

Gas flow monitoring to ensure MFC integrity to reduce wafer scrap and process drift


Boat Loaders and Elevators

Current and vibration monitoring of step motors to prevent particles and equipment downtime


Exhaust Line Obstructions

Pressure monitoring of exhaust draw to detect clogging in the lines or  abatement system to prevent wafer scrap and equipment downtime


Cabinet Exhausts

Vibration monitoring of bearings and motors of the exhaust to prevent cabinet overheating, process drift and wafer scrap


Halogen Lamps

Resistance and light intensity monitoring to process uniformity variation and wafer scrap


Heater Blocks

Resistance monitoring to prevent wafer scrap and reduce equipment downtime 


Spin Rinse Dryers

Vibration monitoring to detect rotational imbalance due to ferrofluid seal, bearing, motor, missing cassettes or rotor degradation 

Widespread sensor integration in consumer products is changing the face of industrial manufacturing

Today we expect to have real-time information at our finger tips to make informed decisions about our manufacturing equipment and processes.  The exponential growth in conjunction with new innovations in this market provides us with more sensing element options than ever before.

  • Current: hall effect, rogowski coil, transformer coil
  • Distance and Proximity: capacitive, eddy-current, hall effect, inductive, laser, LED, magnetic
  • Flow: magnetic, mechanical, optical, pressure, thermal mass, ultrasonic
  • Force: resistive strain, piezoelectric 
  • Gas: composition, mass flow, pressure, leak
  • Light and Color: LED, photodiode, photoelectric, photoresistor 
  • Motion: doppler, infrared, optical, radar, ultrasonic
  • Orientation: accelerometer
  • Pressure: gas, barometric, vacuum
  • Radiation: nuclear, RF, photovoltaic, pyroelectric
  • Resistance: current, voltage, temperature
  • Seismic: accelerometer
  • Sound: microphone
  • Temperature: thermocouple, PRT, RTD, laser
  • Vibration: accelerometer
  • Voltage: resistive, transformer

Equipment Control Systems

Our solutions improve process uniformity, yield, throughput and reliability

Whether you are upgrading a single control component or completely replacing an obsolete/unsupported equipment control system, our state of the art control system systems will breath new life into your manufacturing equipment


Model Based Temperature Control (MBTC)

Diffusion furnace controller retrofit to improve process capability and eliminate profiling 


Heating Element Life Optimization Controller

Optimization of the existing temperature control system power application to improve heater life


Equipment Modeling

Differential equations developed using first principles or empirical modeling techniques to mathematically describe the equipment to optimize the equipment control system

Virtual Sensors

Offline process modeling using sensors embedded in the product being produced to improve process control and uniformity during normal operation

MIMO Control

Advanced control of equipment with multiple inputs (control adjustments) and multiple outputs (sensors measurements) that have interactions or dependencies between each other

Nonlinear Control

Control of complex equipment with either significant variation across operating conditions or over time

Run to Run Process Control

Our solutions implement control adjustments to minimize process shift, drift and variability

Model Based Temperature Control (MBTC)

Diffusion furnace controller retrofit to improve process capability and eliminate profiling 


FeedBack Process Control

Adjust control variables using process measurements from the previous run

Compensate for process drift

FeedForward Process Control

Adjustment of the process objective in the current manufacturing step based on the results of previous steps

Compensate for past process variability in multi step processes

Heater Block and Pedestal – Resistance Smart sensor

InControl Engineering’s smart sensor technology utilizes high speed measurement and edge processing to advance your predictive maintenance capabilities beyond what is achievable with traditional SECS/GEM based data collection and analysis. Use Industry 4.0 to connect your equipment, manufacturing process and personnel closer than ever before to improve equipment reliability and availability.


Reduces wafer scrap and rework
Eliminates unscheduled maintenance downtime Lowers equipment cost of ownership
Prevents equipment damage
Monitors when equipment is idle
Tool-to-tool matching and benchmarking
Fast same day integration

Real-time resistance measurements show heating element wire degradation over heater block and pedestal lifespan. Dynamic resistance spiking is a reliable indicator of a near-term failure.  Degradation and failure of the solid-state relays as well as faulty wiring and contacts can also be detected through these same resistance measurements.




Monitor up to 5 pedestals or heating zones
10kHz measurement sampling frequency
Split core AC current transformers: 1A-200A
Adjustable AC voltage measurement range: 0-360V
TC input: K, S, R, E, J, T, B, N, & WRe5-WRe26
RTD input: Pt100 & Cu50
Dry contact alarm relay
Resistance measurement analog outputs
100 Base Ethernet port
2.4Ghz 802.11n wireless LAN
Power: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.5A/0.25A

2-Zone Module: 7.75” L x 4” W x 4.5” H
(247.7mm L x 101.6mm W x 114.3mm H)
5-Zone Module: 9.75” L x 4” W x 4.5” H
(247.7mm L x 101.6mm W x 114.3mm H) Current Transformer: 2” L x 2.1” W x 0.6” H
(50.8mm L x 53.3mm W x 15.5mm H) up to 0.75” Ø (19.1mm) cables
GUI web server (NGINIX)
NTP time synchronization
SMTP e-mail interface
One-year hardware warranty
User upgradable software

Replace heater blocks and pedestals based on their observed element health rather than hours in service
Measures the actual current and voltage waveforms (not RMS)
Custom algorithms provide fault detection and classification of different failure conditions
Easily integrate alarms directly to the equipment control system and automatically send e-mail or SMS messages
EQUIPMENT HEALTH MONITORING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS v Access anywhere with a web browser on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer
Collect, store, and visualize up to a year of resistance data directly on the smart sensor
Export data from GUI into Microsoft Excel
Easily integrate smart sensor data with any factory system for collection and analysis