International Test Solutions

International Test Solutions

Probe and Test

Probe card clean:

PROBE CLEAN® is a unique, highly cross-linked, nonconductive,
and non-corrosive polymer-based probe cleaning material. It effectively traps the loose debris which accumulates on the probe tip and shaft during wafer-level test. It performs consistently across a temperature range of -50C to 200C and can increase uptime by as much as 50% as well as reducing operator assist during prober setup.
PROBE POLISH® Non-destructively Maintains High Wafer Yield
PROBE SCRUB® Restores Performance and Removes Bonded Debris
PROBE LAP® Precision Lapping Film for Probe Needle Cleaning
PROBE LAP G-TYPE® Cushioned Lapping Film for Reduced Probe Wear
PROBE FORM® Reshapes Probes for Stable Contact Resistance

Chuck cleaning wafers

STAGE CLEAN® was developed to remove and trap the loose debris that accumulates on the wafer chuck. Stage
Clean is a highly cross-linked polymeric material that is mounted on a silicon wafer, and the wafer is run polymerside
down through the tool.
The cleaning action of the polymer occurs when the wafer is clamped on the vacuum chuck. The compliant polymer not only removes defects from the top surface of the chuck, but also from crevices in the chuck, prevents those defects from getting on the backside of wafers.
ETCH CLEAN® Eliminate Helium Leaks due to particles on the electrostatic chuck without Opening Chamber

Test socket clean

TEST CELL CONDITIONER® (TCC) is a patented turnkey cleaning unit designed to remove loose debris as well as embedded oxides from test socket and contactors.
Sometimes called a surrogate cleaning device, or SCD, it facilitates frequent on-line socket cleaning without the need
for equipment downtime or operator intervention.
Probe card clean
Chuck Cleaning Wafer
Test socket clean

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